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Recently, we introduced our premiere sponsors for The Art of We: Are Family, Upstream Arts’ 4th Annual Community Celebration and Fundraiser, here on the blog. As we approach the big event (coming up on May 18), we want to shout out more of the amazing organizations and businesses that are making it all possible! Many of these businesses are ones that have a history of supporting their communities and of specifically supporting Upstream Arts. We’re grateful to be continuing these partnerships, as well as creating some brand new ones this year. Many thanks to Lifeworks Services, Community Involvement Programs, Midwest Special Services, Teacher Frontiers (a Division of Youth Frontiers), Yess Yoga, Ignited Fundraising, The Smitten Kitten, Wedge Community Co-op, Kowalski’s Markets, AbleNet, and Highland Friendship Club for supporting Upstream Arts and The Art of We: Are Family!


Lifeworks Services logo


Lifeworks Services

Lifeworks Services provides support to nearly 2,500 individuals with disabilities and their families through fiscal support, employment, and day services. Fun fact: Upstream Arts has partnered with Lifeworks Services on arts programming since our inception in 2006! Big thanks to Lifeworks Services for their work in the disability community and for supporting The Art of We: Are Family.

For more information on Lifeworks Services, please click here.


Community Involvement Programs

Community Involvement Programs

Community Involvement Programs (CIP) provides innovative employment, residential, family, and mental health services to people with disabilities so that they can achieve their personal goals. CIP is another strong Upstream Arts program partner, with whom we piloted some of our first Art of Retirement programs for senior adults with disabilities. We thank CIP for all that they do for our disability community and for supporting The Art of We: Are Family.

For more information on Community Involvement Programs, please click here.


Midwest Special Services logo


Midwest Special Services

Midwest Special Services (MSS) provides individualized programs and supports to people with intellectual and physical disabilities to help them reach their personal goals and achieve their full potential. MSS is another long-time Upstream Arts program partner and has worked with us to develop numerous arts-infused programs, such as The Art of Relationships, in response to interests expressed by their community. Big thanks to MSS for all they do and for supporting The Art of We: Are Family!

For more information on Midwest Special Services, please click here.


Teacher Frontiers logo


Teacher Frontiers, a Division of Youth Frontiers

Teacher Frontiers partners with schools to build communities where students can thrive socially and emotionally, as well as academically – a goal very much shared by Upstream Arts. We’d like to thank Teacher Frontiers for sponsoring The Art of We: Are Family, as well as everyone at Youth Frontiers for being such supportive partners with Upstream Arts over the years!

For more information on Teacher Frontiers, a Division of Youth Frontiers, please click here.


Yess Yoga Logo


Yess Yoga

Yess Yoga offers brilliant and diverse yoga classes in a community atmosphere that many of our Teaching Artists and Staff have enjoyed over the years – and this month, City Pages declared Yess Yoga to be the Best Place to Do Yoga in the Twin Cities! Thank you to Yess Yoga for not only keeping our artists healthy, but for once again sponsoring The Art of We: Are Family!

For more information on Yess Yoga, please click here.


Ignited Fundraising


Ignited Fundraising

Ignited Fundraising was founded by the extraordinary Lori L. Jacobwith, who has over 30 years of experience in helping nonprofits tell their stories in the most effective ways possible. Upstream Arts has benefitted hugely from consultation with Lori, as well as from Ignited Fundraising’s generous support of The Art of We: Are Family. Thank you, Ignited Fundraising!

For more information on Ignited Fundraising, please click here.


The Smitten Kitten logo


The Smitten Kitten

The Smitten Kitten is an inclusive, sex-positive, shame-free progressive toy store where it’s okay to talk about all kinds of consensual sex. We appreciate their kindred values of pleasure, consent, and physical and mental health for individuals of all abilities. Thanks to The Smitten Kitten for supporting The Art of We: Are Family!

For more information about The Smitten Kitten, please click here.


Wedge Co-op logo


The Wedge Community Co-op

The Wedge Community Co-op is a grocery store, café, catering company, wholesale distributor, and sustainable food leader whose mission is to provide access to real food for its community. The Wedge has been supportive of Upstream Arts in various ways over the years, including honoring us with a 2017 WedgeShare Grant! We thank The Wedge Community Co-op for again partnering with Upstream Arts by sponsoring The Art of We: Are Family.

For more information about Wedge Community Co-op, please click here.


Kowalski's Markets logo


Kowalski’s Markets

As a local business, Kowalski’s Markets has shown a passion not only for providing delicious, healthy foods to their communities, but also for supporting the people, nonprofits, and organizations that sustain those communities. We are so grateful for their support of numerous Upstream Arts events over the years! Thank you to Kowalski’s Markets for once again supporting The Art of We: Are Family!

For more information on Kowalski’s Markets, please click here.


AbleNet logo



AbleNet is a world leader in technology, curriculum, and services that help individuals with disabilities learn, interact with, and participate in the world around them. We’re so honored to be in community with this important company who shares our vision of a more vibrant and inclusive world. Thank you, AbleNet!

For more information about AbleNet, please click here.



A photo of Highland Friendship Club's logo


Highland Friendship Club

Highland Friendship Club serves teens & adults with disabilities by providing opportunities to develop lifelong skills, friendships, and connections within their community. Upstream Arts has had the pleasure of partnering with Highland Friendship Club in the past for programs like The Art of Me, so we are thrilled to have them as a sponsor for The Art of We: Are Family. Thank you, Highland Friendship Club!

For more information about Highland Friendship Club, please click here.


Another huge round of thanks to all of our sponsors! Their support is having an enormous impact on Upstream Arts, and in turn on the individuals with disabilities that we serve throughout the Twin Cities and beyond.

We hope to see you at The Art of We: Are Family! For more information about the event or to RSVP, please click here.