Logos of our event sponsors and in kind donors

We’re so excited to celebrate with you at our Annual Community Celebration and Fundraiser, The Art of We: Are More Than One Story, next Thursday, May 17 at The Science Museum of Minnesota.

We’re grateful to our premier sponsors, The Graham Smith Team at Keller Williams Realty, CommonSense [email protected], and Ignited Fundraising, and the rest of our phenomenal sponsors whose generosity allows us to hold this celebration at zero cost to our community: Highland Friendship ClubLifeworks Services, Min Enterprises Photography, MSS, Partnership Resources, Inc.Yess Yoga, and Youth Frontiers.

We’re also full of incredible gratitude to our in kind donors, whose generosity fills our exciting auction packages: Amsterdam Bar and Hall, Blythe M. Davis Massage & Shiatsu, Cow Tipping Press, Elisabeth Pletcher/Curvy Yoga Minneapolis, Frostbeard Studio, Hotel 340, Kevin Kling, Kowalski’s Markets, Joseph Kuefler, The Loft Literary Center, The Moth, The Show Gallery, Unrestricted Interest, WA Frost & Company, and Wild Rumpus Books for Young Readers. Read more about these excellent supporters below.

The Show Gallery Lowertown logo

The Show Gallery Lowertown
A nonprofit arts gallery located in Lowertown St. Paul, The Show Gallery was founded by Winna Bernard and MSS with the aim of increasing accessibility in the arts for artists of all abilities and backgrounds. Through classes, workshops, and professional exhibition opportunities, The Show Gallery encourages its artists to pursue their love of art and succeed! Stop by their cooperatively-run gallery, retail store, and community space to show your support and get involved in the meaningful work they do.

For more information about The Show Gallery in Lowertown, please click here.

W. A. Frost & Company logo

W.A. Frost & Company
An award-winning restaurant located on historic Cathedral Hill in St. Paul since 1975, W.A. Frost is an incredibly storied place located in a rising arts neighborhood. In addition to the atmospheric charm of their location and antique building, W.A. Frost is a place of continually unfolding stories as a gathering place for the celebration of important moments in life.

For more information about W.A. Frost & Co., please click here.

Hotel 340 Logo

Hotel 340
Hotel 340 prides itself in being the only independent boutique hotel in St Paul and shares in the old-world charm of the restaurant with its position at the top of the historic St Paul Athletic Club Building. Today, Hotel 340 is the host of many important community gatherings as well as a popular get-away spot, complete with complimentary yoga classes and a great view of Lowertown, St Paul.

For more information about Hotel 340, please click here.

Amsterdam Bar and Hall
The Amsterdam is St. Paul’s premier music venue, bar/restaurant and event space, a sister bar to the 331 Club in Northeast. Featuring eclectic musicians and performances, The Amsterdam is not only full of exciting live entertainment, but is also one of the most versatile spaces in downtown St. Paul.

For more information about Hotel 340, please click here.

Frostbear Studio logo

Frostbeard Studio
Frostbeard Studio is a small Minneapolis-based business with a passion for art, reading, and ultimately – storytelling!  They seek to capture the magic of a good story in each of their candles with scents like “Rainy Day Reads” or “Pemberley Gardens.”  In addition to creating beautiful and bookish candles, Frostbeard really cares for its community, striving to encourage literacy, imagination, and sustainability through community engagement.

For more information about Frostbeard Studio, please click here.


Blythe M. Davis Massage & Shiatsu www.blythemdavis.massagetherapy.com

Blythe M. Davis Massage & Shiatsu
At Blythe Davis Massage & Shiatsu, the transformative power of human touch is dedicated to creating an inclusive and comfortable environment where everyone is welcome.  Blythe Davis Massage is a place where all are invited to celebrate their bodies just as they are, living out their unique story.

For more information about Blythe M. Davis Massage & Shiatsu, please click here.

Curvy Yoga logo

Elisabeth Pletcher/Curvy Yoga
Curvy Yoga Minneapolis provides a safe and accessible place for people of all shapes, sizes and abilities to practice yoga in a body positive and supported environment. Using creativity, props, and mindful sequencing to meet students’ unique needs, Curvy Yoga welcomes everybody to explore the practice of yoga.

For more information about Blythe M. Davis Massage & Shiatsu, please click here.

The Loft Literary Center logo, Est. 1974The Loft Literary Center
The Loft Literary Center is a haven for readers and writers whose mission is to advance artistic development, foster a thriving literary community, and inspire a passion for literature.  It is a wonderful hub of classes, workshops, events, and programs for storytellers of all kinds – one of a few literary centers of its caliber.

For more information about The Loft Literary Center, please click here.


The Moth logo

The Moth
Working to “foster mutual understanding” through live storytelling, the Moth is built upon the belief that everyone has a story worth hearing. Living out their mission of improving lives and communities through artful storytelling, The Moth has been an awesome collaborator with Upstream Arts, recently inviting our community to take the stage and tell their stories for themselves at a local StorySLAM.

For more information about The Moth please click here.


Kowalski's Markets logo

As a local business, Kowalski’s Markets has shown a passion not only for providing delicious, healthy foods to their communities, but also for supporting the people, nonprofits, and organizations that make up those communities.

For more information on Kowalski’s Markets, please click here.


Wild Rumpus logo

Wild Rumpus

Wild Rumpus, voted 2017 Bookstore of the Year by Publishers Weekly, is a place that celebrates young storytellers and all those young at heart. They have a clear sense of fun, exploration, and inclusivity. In addition to being an unusual bookstore in that they can boast of live animal residents, Wild Rumpus also works with outrageously talented storytellers and illustrators, including the two storytellers who will provide classroom visits in our Share the Stories package.

For more information about Wild Rumpus, please click here.

Unrestricted Interest logo

Unrestricted Interest
Unrestricted Interest, a writing program and consultancy, is dedicated to transforming the lives of kids and adults on the autism spectrum through poetry. They work to improve general quality of life as well as offer fantastic advocacy opportunities through creative poetic expression and honing skills. Unrestricted Interest celebrates neurodiversity, channelling unconventional learners’ passionate interests in ways that lead to professional and personal development.  With an array of writing programs that focus on one-on-one mentorship, literacy, teacher/staff trainings, Unrestricted Interest works to change the public’s perception of autism in a way that creates opportunities and celebrates individuals for their talents and potential.

For more information about Unrestricted Interest, please click here.

Cow Tipping Press logo

Cow Tipping Press
Cow Tipping Press works toward including the invaluable perspectives of individuals with disabilities that are often overlooked or cast aside. They recognize the importance of representation in changing mindsets surrounding disability and use the arts, specifically the “unique lens of creative writing,” to tip the scales and forefront stories told by people with disabilities, rather than ones told about them.

For more information about Cowtipping Press, please click here.